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The older over protective Palestinian brother I never had…also the only other Arab in the building. @darikradio

The older over protective Palestinian brother I never had…also the only other Arab in the building. @darikradio

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Anonymous asked: Dear Noor, everyday you inspire me to be brave, upstanding, strong and overall a better muslim. Thank You SO much for everything you're doing for our generation. #LetNoorShine

Thank YOU so much. You’re the reason #LetNoorShine has become what it has. Thank you.

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Anonymous asked: You're a wedding planner? That's amazing! What are some of your hobbies?

Well, I’m a reporter. Haha. Wedding planning is a hobby :) and I read a whole lot

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Anonymous asked: I'm SO happy we have Muslims like you becoming journalists and going into the reporting field. We need more Muslims out in that field, especially here in the US. I also get so happy when ever people send you anons telling you they are also going into journalism as well, we need as many Muslims journalists as possible. You are all awesome and it honestly makes me so relieved because we need more people out there speaking the truth about Muslims in Islam. Keep doing your thing Miss. Noor :) SALAM!

You’re too awesome!! Thanks for the kind words :))

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Anonymous asked: I've been asked to speak around my community on various issues that I work with, but I'm not a natural public speaker... I'm pretty terrible. What advice would you give someone who is uncomfortable in the public eye?

To remember that you’ve earned your position to speak. The stage. The floor. Remember that what you have to say is bigger than you, so don’t focus on yourself but what you have to say. And use your nerves as a fuel to the passion that comes out when you speak.

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Anonymous asked: What advice would you give someone who feels ugly? You're frikkin' gorgeous, mashaAllah.

Don’t set your beauty standards to what out society deems beautiful. It’s detrimental especially because most of it’s fake. Beauty stems from confidence. Embrace all if your qualities and flaws. Love them. Own them. Be proud of your body and face, they are a blessing. But focus on beautifying your character. And a natural beauty stems even more from that. Focus on that. But please don’t set beauty standards to what society says because we lose sight of so much beauty simply by being so narrow in standard.

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Anonymous asked: Salam Noor, in a few days time I'm going to be visiting America for the first time and I'm going to be travelling alone (ie without parents) for the first time also. I'm quite nervous because I've never travelled alone, it's going to be a really long journey from the UK and I just don't know what to expect, especially since I've heard security is really bad in American airports. Seen as you travel a lot, do you have any travel tips/advice...(cntd)

….(cntd) for travelling alone etc? Also, are there any places you would recommend visiting in New Jersey or New York :)?thanks!

How exciting!!! Security really isn’t bad depending on where you are. If you’re going to New York you’ll be fine. I just keep smiling and make conversation with TSA agents and they’re very polite. Gosh, that really is exciting! Don’t be afraid but stay cautious!!! I would suggest planning some, but don’t be afraid to get lost. You’ll learn so much. Talk to people, strangers. AND ALWAYS TRUST YOUR GUT!!!!! When something or someone seems shady. They are. Also, blog or journal!!

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Anonymous asked: If someone, anyone not just a friend, hires you to plan their wedding would you do it?

Hmm I’ve thought about it. I don’t know. Depends on how much they need in a planner. I’d have to talk it out with them first.