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There’s a lot of long questions I’ve gotten on here and haven’t responded to…I will soon iA. So sorry for the delay!

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Anonymous asked: Should I be friends with ppl tht don't trust me? It's not tht I am not trust worthy, these two are the only friend in my frnd circle tht doesn't think tht I am trust worthy. Wut is ur advice?

I personally would just stay casual friends with them and not be too close. I’m very picky of who I trust anyway and if they don’t trust you and you’ve been friends with them, then see if you gave them a reason not to trust you. If they just don’t just because then, I personally would just move on. But you could talk it out

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Anonymous asked: As a journalist, are you allowed or supposed to give your opinions on issues? 😬

Not really.

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Anonymous asked: Assalamualaikum noor. Hw r u. Would u please make a tutorial video on how you wear your hijab. I love your hijab style. Please😊

Thanks! And sorry, that’s not my thing :/

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Anonymous asked: I read once that you work out at the gym, are there any tips on clothing to wear? As a hijabi it's hard to find workout clothes that are modest yet comfortable!

Under armour has plenty of long sleeve and long pants. All my work out stuff is from there

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Anonymous asked: What are some things you do when you're feeling down?

Pray and journal and talk to my mom

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Anonymous asked: What are the key components that make up your resume? I'm making mine right now and I'm stuck. For example, a resume should include: a profile, employment history, eduction, what else? Thanks a lot. And also, do you have one resume or do they differ job to job? How long should it be? 1 page? 2 page? I thought I should ask you because you would know. Thanks a lot. ❤️

Stick to one page and I have one long CV and then a journalism résumé: employment, education, skills, top awards/achievements

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Anonymous asked: When will you be posting your vlog??! X-D

I don’t know!! I gotta see if I like the videos enough to even post