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Anonymous asked: Noor! You're fabulous girl, mA! Eid mubarak!!!

Eid Mubarak :))

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Anonymous asked: Hi Noor, First I hope your doing fine :), second I just want to say something about the last anonymous Question you've answered. I want to say that the way you use to answer your Questions it makes me adore you more,cause your being a real human, not perfect to get everyone to loves you, your just being your self and that's the hole point of being successful in this life ❤️ be who you are 💞 You really inspire me a lot and I really love you so much ❤️👌 Keep up the hard work ✌️😃

I love you too!

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Anonymous asked: I know that this won't make an ounce of a difference for what you experience, but I really am sorry for how people treat you. I don't understand it and I wish I could change it. You seem like a wonderful person, and I hope things change for every Muslim person out there soon.

I hope things change for anyone who experiences prejudice or racism. Thank you

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Anonymous asked: I just want to say that you are a beautiful woman, and an inspiration to me. I saw your video that you posted about that Senator (Louanne, I think) and I thought that were incredibly strong. I'm so proud you stood up to all of those old asshats. You're really confident, and that shows through. So now I'm scrolling through your blog. It's a wonderful place. May God Bless You, okay? Keep being strong!

Ameen, thank you for the kind words :) you’re awesome